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Water Crossing Weser Höxter

For Deutsche Glasfaser, a successful HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) operation was conducted under the Water Crossing Weser Höxter. This specific project presented challenging conditions due to the complex composition of the soil. The initial meters consisted of soft clay, followed by a combination of gravel and clay, and finally, a compact layer of stone.


To tackle this challenge, a mud motor was used for drilling. A steep entry angle was chosen to swiftly navigate through the softer layers, where steering and maintaining the drilling fluid proved challenging. Subsequently, the stable, harder layer was reached quickly. Although progress in this layer was slower, approximately 15 to 20 minutes per drill rod, the steering was effective, and there was good backflushing of bentonite.


Throughout this project, a distance of 202 meters was traversed using HDD, with a 12-meter section drilled beneath the 70-meter-wide river. To accomplish this project, the wireline steering Paratrack 2 measurement system, a Mudmotor with Tricone drill bit, and the AT Boretec MT22 drilling machine were used.


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