Welding and measurement

EBC delivers a complete concept. This means we not only blow the cables, but can also take care of the welding and measuring of the cable connections. EBC has several, fully equipped welding busses at its disposal. This, in combination with our highly experienced and certified technicians, guarantees the delivery of quality, safety, efficiency and continuity.


EBC uses fusion welding technology to join two glass fibre ends. Here the ends of the cables are cut off at right angles by a cleaver. Next, the protective coating is removed and cleaned. Then the two ends are exactly aligned in a fusion welding machine after which the ends are fused to each other by means of an electric arc. Finally, the weld is protected with a shrinking tube. In order to check this weld, a measurement will be carried out.


Errors can occur in existing networks. Bad welding or a bending radius that is too small can cause signal loss in a network. Increasingly stringent requirements are imposed on fibre-optic connections. EBC has the expertise to measure the installed fibre optic cable and to test the connections. In this way, we ensure that your data can be transferred quickly and without errors.

Measurement and testing is done with the OTDR method (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer). In the event of a malfunction, the location of the fault can be determined to within a few centimetres. We record the results of these measurements in a measurement report. Such a report may contain the following data, for example:

  • Optical length of the fibre
  • Optical length between the welds
  • Damping of the fibre (including splices and connectors)
  • Average damping per km
  • Damping of each splice
  • Damping of each splice
  • Location of the splices
  • Location of fibre endpoints