Blowing cables

Using blow-in equipment, a cable (glass fiber, etc.) is blown under high pressure through an existing HDPE pipe, or one installed by us. Distances of many kilometers can be bridged in this way. EBC has the means to blow in different diameter cables and tubes. We also offer the possibility of blowing in extra cables.

fiber optic cable

With air pressure, several pairs of fiber can be blown. This technique requires great care due to the vulnerability of the cable. With the use of various techniques and professional equipment, EBC can also apply this technique. EBC also offers the possibility of blowing in extra cables.


By using various equipment, EBC makes it possible to blow tubes into existing HDPE pipes with glass fiber. Under air pressure, one or more guided tubes are blown through the main pipe, a so-called HDPE tube. Both the number of tubes and the diameters can vary. The fact that certain configurations have never been laid does not mean that EBC cannot do this.