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Trenchless techniques

EBC has various types of trenchless techniques at its disposal: Steered drilling, pneumatic steel pressing and rocket drilling. These techniques are used to lay the infrastructure of cables and pipes without having to disturb the surface of the watercourses. Moreover, trenchless techniques are also excellent for crossing underground obstacles.

Pneumatic steel presses

It may occur that open excavation is not possible due to buildings, trees or a road. In these cases EBC offers pneumatic steel pressing as a solution. Pneumatic steel pressing is carried out with the aid of a so-called soli pneumatic drill, which is also called a rocket drill. EBC has its own pressing teams and can carry out these pressing in various diameters.

Horizontal directional drilling

Sometimes a location is not suitable for digging trenches for the laying of cables and pipes and the route is too long for a pneumatic press. In such cases, directional drilling is a good, reliable solution. EBC has several HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) drilling machines. With accurate equipment and the expertise of very experienced drilling masters, we can bridge lengths of up to 200 meters with various diameters accurately and in a controlled manner. This causes little inconvenience to people and the environment.

Rocket drilling

Where no steel jacket is required, EBC can use rocket drilling. The pipe/conduit is pulled in directly behind the rocket, which makes it possible to bridge lengths of up to approximately 20 meters without trenching. This drilling technique is not controllable and, in comparison with steel pressing, more sensitive to deviations, but it can be used in poorly accessible places. EBC has its own specialized teams that can carry out this type of drilling.

Wireline drilling

As soon as a bore can no longer be traced with a walkover, such as a railway bore, large water bore or motorway bore, the bore is carried out using wireline. In short, this means that a magnetic field is created so that the special drill head can be followed. We carry out these drillings in collaboration with Prime Horizontal.

Other Services

Kabels blazen

Blowing Cables

Under high pressure, a cable is blown through an HDPE pipe. Distances of many kilometers can be bridged.

Lassen en meten

Welding & measurement

Take care of the welding and measuring of the cable connections to guarantee quality, safety and efficiency.


Project Management

Unburdening the client is our goal. Preparation, execution and delivery, EBC takes care of your project from A to Z.


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