Wireline track boring

Wireline track boring

In addition to our main activities, the construction of the backbone routes, a special EBC drilling team carries out Wireline track borings on a daily basis. After drilling, we pull

EBC in Suriname

Last week father Stanley and son Joost Lieverst travelled to Suriname. Our old machine was bought by the Rosan company. We are helping with the construction of a water pipe…. 💪💪💪



At EBC Group they are convinced: they are going to use Skillsmanager for their HR work. This programme, specially created for the installation technology sector, offers them all options. Sylvia

Movie about blowing technique


Last summer, we had a film made about the discipline of ‘blowing technique‘, and to be able to share it on our new website (which will hopefully be launched at

Railway drilling Bissendorf / Wedemark

We are currently drilling a railway borehole in Bissendorf/Wedemark, where we are drilling two boreholes side by side. For each borehole, 4 x 7-way pipes are being pulled into the

StvO/VAO – For your and our safety

StvO VAO-traffic barrier on construction sites

Not only Jens Sonntag and Velit Demir who submit the permit applications as work preparers, but also subcontractors SGGB and various EBC drillmasters were involved in the proper parking of


A railway boring in Hannover in the snow! Beautiful pictures!

A railway boring in Hannover in the snow! Beautiful pictures!  🌨🌨❄️